Our Response to COVID-19:

Soap Distribution All Over East Africa

19 March, 2020

As COVID-19 is finally reaching East Africa, with six reported cases in Tanzania, seven in Kenya, seven in Rwanda, and none yet in Uganda. In order to support East Africans in preventing the spread of coronavirus in the population, Adumu Impact is launching an effort to distribute soap to aid in proper handwashing all over the region, beginning today with Tanzania. Fortunately, the rainy season brings ample water for handwashing, but soap is a rare commodity in many households, especially in rural areas, and it is even lacking in hospitals and clinics. The CDC recommends hand washing with soap for 20 seconds as one of the best measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus. By providing soap to East Africans, we hope to have a positive impact on the heath in the region.

We are partnering with three local women-led companies who produce handmade, biodegradable soap using local ingredients. By purchasing soap from these excellent companies, we are 1) supporting local East African businesses, 2) supporting women entrepreneurs and workers, and 3) providing soap with no harmful impact to the environment. You can read about these partners below.

Adumu Impact has already donated and distributed 200 bars of soap. We are now in the process of raising funds to purchase as many bars of soap as we can to distribute all over Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. Can you please help our efforts and make a donation today? Every dollar makes a huge difference!

Thank you for your generosity and help in combating the spread of COVID-19 in East Africa!


Read about our partners in this effort here: